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Aberdeen (UK) - May 2012

Aberdeen (UK) – May 2012

First EPTA workshop took place in Aberdeen on the grounds of the Aberdeen University between the 29th and 30th of May 2012.

The main focus of the workshop has been the “Understanding the Role and Functions of Transport Authorities throughout Europe”.

During the event, the participants viewed presentations on the following topics:

Project Overview – Mrs. Dora Ramazzotti, SRM (IT)

The need for an (mobility) Agency Approach For Towns and Authorities – Mr. Giorgio Ambrosino, GA Consultancy and Ms. Irene Pettinelli, MemEx (IT)

The significance of the 7 pillars of EPTA – Mr. John Nelson, University of Aberdeen (UK)

Example of Scottish Transport Authorities – Mr. Eric Stewart, SPT (UK)

Rural Authority (Aberdeenshire) – Mr. Richard Mackenzie (UK)

Feedback from the EPTA Position survey – Mr. Tommaso Bonino, SRM Bologna (IT)

Example from Best Practice Review – Mr. Brian Masson, University of Aberdeen (UK)