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Get trained. Become a professional!

During the project implementation a series of Workshops and Training sessions will be organised in order to improve the local/regional expertise level and help capacity building within the partner cities.

This will allow the partners to develop their own operational capacity as a prerequiste for improved urban mobility.


28 of May 2014 – Bruxelles


“European Model for Public Transport Authority: good practices for the identification and the establishment”



27-28 March 2014 – Prague

7th Workshop – “Quality, efficacy and efficiency in transport”

6th Training Course – “Monitoring, incentives, comparison tools”


29-30 of October 2013 – Razlog

6th Workshop – “The service contract management: policies in action”

5th Training Course – “Good Practices for service contract management”


12-13 of June 2013 – Stavanger

5th Workshop – “Good Practices for successful campaign for Public Transport promotion: shifting towards sustainability

4th Training Course – “Funding for services: to operators or to citizens?


12-13 of March 2013 – Almada

4th Workshop – “Transport service tendering: a key moment to change things”

3rd Training Course  – “Tender Models, offer evaluation, awarding procedure”

1st Staff Exchange


22-23 of November 2012 – Brasov

3rd Workshop – “Intermodality and co-modality: tools for sustainability”

2nd Training Course – “ PTA daily activities: how to exploit the full potential”


10 – 11 of September 2012 – Thessaloniki

2nd Workshop Mobility Planning Strategy: a shared activity for better energy, environmental and economic results”

1st Training Course “The Feasibility Study as a powerful tool in our hands”

2nd Steering Committee


29 – 30 May 2012 – Aberdeen 

1st Workshop Understanding the Role and Functions of Transport Authorities throughout Europe

1st Steering Committee