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Thessaloniki Public Transport Authority

Tendering and awarding the bus transport services in Thessaloniki

Feasibility study developed by partner ThePTA builds on two key issues. First of all ThePTA, the PT Authority of Thessaloniki, is currently undergoing a crucial transition stage, as it will be turned into a single European transport authority, collecting all the seven competences foreseen by EPTA (Regulation, Planning, Tendering/ Awarding, Integration, Promotion, Management, Control).

Competences of ThePTA include full responsibility for formulating transport policy, pricing policy, parking and land use planning policy in the geographic Regional Unity of Thessaloniki. Moreover, the service contract between the National Government and the current transport operator (OASTH), responsible for providing public transport services in Thessaloniki area, will terminate two years after the completion of the basic line of Thessaloniki metro system which is under construction and is estimated to be in operation in 2017, leading to a transition from a PT system mostly based on monopolies and/or state concession, to a new one characterized by competitive tendering.

The main objective of the study is to identify different alternatives for tendering and awarding the bus transport services in the area of responsibility of ThePTA, namely the Regional Unity of Thessaloniki, through the analysis of the existing European and national legal framework and based on the local conditions, the existing knowledge and good practices. In parallel, the study will also improve the skills of THePTA in order to be prepared to meet the challenges of a deregulated public passenger transport market.

Feasibility Summary – Final Version

12th March 2012 – 2nd State of the Art

10th September 2012 – 1st State of the Art