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SRM - Reti e Mobilità Srl

Design and Control of a Public-Transportation Service Contract

The Feasibility Study of SRM focused on the service contract with the Operator, with particular regard to the control of the service provided. It is indeed in charge of the Authority to check if the Operator operates the contracted service in compliance with the standards of quality and quantity provided for by the service contract.

Controlling the quality of the service provided by the Operator is a very expensive procedure for the Authority, thus, in his study, SRM developed an ad hoc algorithm for the optimization of this activity, in order to maximize the number of controls performed in a specific time by each controller.

Furthermore, by applying the Theory of Games between the Agency and the Operator, the optimal values of the penalties have been defined (penalties are included in the contract of service and are applied to the Operator when it does not provide the agreed service).

The algorithm developed in this study improved and optimized the procedures already used by other Authorities and it can, in turn, be used as a new Good Practice for similar cases.

Feasibility Study Summary – Final version

12th March 2012 – State of the Art