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Rogaland fylkeskommune / Rogaland County Council

Integration and simplification of the fare and ticketing system in Rogaland

According to the Climate Friendly Scenario included in the National Transport Plan 2014–2023 of the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications, despite an expected growth of population, growing need for transportation in larger metropolitan areas in Norway shall be satisfied by public transport, cycling and walking. This means that there should be almost no increase in the use of private cars despite the strong expected growth in population.
It is essential that public transport is comprehensive, user-friendly and transparent for the customer in order to make the trip as easy as possible and to make public transport attractive to travellers. In this framework the overall objective of the study carried out by Rogaland County Council within the EPTA project is to evaluate the potential for passenger growth in public transport in Rogaland as a result of coordinated fares and ticketing system, including a review of fares, zoning and ticketing system.
In fact, an integrated fare and zone structure will make it easier to switch between different public transport modes (train, bus and ferry), thereby increasing the attractiveness of the PT- system.
In order to develop a successful system and implement useful improvements it is essential that both service planners/providers and users are involved in such kind of study: for this purpose ROGFK will include a specific user need analysis and specific interviews with representatives from the general management in Rogaland County Council, Kolumbus, NSB and Boreal Transport (bus operators).


Feasibility Study Summary – Final Version

12th March 2013 – 2nd State of the Art

11th September 2012 – 1st State of the Art