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Municipality of Razlog

Bicycle Sharing System and Car Pooling System

Previous studies results carried out in 2010 showed that around 80% of Razlog population travels from 2 to 4 times during the day and that 90% of people do move within the city borders. Yet, existing public transport services do satisfy but a very limited demand and cannot compete with the possibilities to travel by private car. In fact car-based transport accounts for over than 40%, thus deepening the problems of socially isolated groups, persons with economic difficulties and those who cannot drive.

Following to these problems and considering that the region has an ancient culture of carpooling which currently takes place mostly through informal agreements in the local communities, in the framework of EPTA project the Municipality of Razlog decided to investigate whether the enhancement of an intermodal PT offer, by developing a carpooling and bike-sharing system, along with an integrated management could result in a reduction of private car traffic and improvement of social inclusion. The study pays a special attention to both the users perspective and the financial/management constraints (and related issues) in order to evaluate whether such an initiative is feasible

Feasibility Study Summary – Final Version

12th March 2013 – 1st State of the Art