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Metropolitan Agency of Brasov

Structure and role of the Brasov Metropital PTA

Brasov is one of the most important cities of the Transylvania region as it is a major road and railway hub, ensuring the connection between various regions in Romania. This lead to the development of an important city who’s economy is based on industry, services and also tourism. In the last 20 years, a metropolitan area has developed around the city of Brasov, thus increasing the population from 260.000 inhabitants to more than 400.000. EPTA project partner, the Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development of Brasov, is the associative body of the Brasov city region and the first organization to tackle metropolitan issues.

It consists of Public Authorities from different local communities (3 towns, 3 cities and 10 rural communes) and its tasks deal with transport system at metropolitan level, waste management, interventions during emergency situations, law enforcement, etc. After the improvement of the legislative framework for mobility in 2010, on a long-term perspective the Metropolitan Agency (AMB) should take over the role of Public Transport Authority, with the task of regulating mobility in the area as well as subcontracting public transport activities to licensed operators.

The feasibility study developed in the framework of EPTA aims at identifying the best legal options for taking over the assigned task, evaluating financial efforts and administrative/technical resources needed (i.e. setting up a separate body or create a new AMB department), thus serving as a key tools in the hands of both the Agency and local policy-makers.

Feasibility Study Summary – Final Version

12th March 2012 – 2nd State of the Art

10th September 2012 – 1st State of the Art