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City Council of Almada

Mobility House of Almada 

Almada City Council (PT) comprises two distinct parts. One is focused on finding a way to improve its local public transport governance, because in Portugal public transport is regulated and awarded by the government, and the Municipality has no power to act directly on it.

So, Almada’s feasibility study dealt with the current and future functions that the Municipality may have and defined scenarios and conditions for the creation of a local Public Transport Authority.
The second part, presents a study for the implementation of the “Mobility House of Almada”. This new structure, to be created around the Local Energy Management Agency of Almada, AGENEAL, aims at being a platform where all urban mobility actors discuss their difficulties and share ideas and solution to make Almada mobility more efficient and sustainable. Also other urban transport modes, like the bicycle and new forms of shared transport, will have a place in the Mobility House of Almada.

Feasibility Study Summary – Final version

12th March 2012 – State of the Art