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Rogaland County Council

Rogaland County Council (ROGFK)


Public administration in Norway has a structure with the following elements: central government, county government and municipal government.

The administration of Rogaland County is located in Stavanger, Norway’s oil capital and fourth largest city.

The Stavanger region was designated as a European Capital of Culture in 2008. Rogaland County Council is responsible for county policies within the following fields: secondary education, cultural affairs, communications, dental care, economic development and regional planning, including the development of the road system.

The County Council is responsible for regional planning and coordination and has environmental responsibilities. Areas of responsibility for regional transport include maintenance of county roads, allocation of resources to local boat and bus routes, permit allocation and licence for taxi as well as transport for the disabled.

The County Council promotes the cultural life of the region. This includes grants to sports, museums, festivals, theaters, orchestras, filmmaking and protection of the cultural heritage.The County Council encourages and facilitates economic development through projects, guidance and financial support with a special focus on tourism, gas and seafood.The county has 30 upper secondary schools with approx. 16.000 students in the 16-21 age group. The schools offer general and vocational education. The County Council is also responsible for apprenticeship training and adult education.