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Metropolitan Agency of Brasov

Metropolitan Agency of Brasov (BRA)


The Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development of Brasov is an associative body.

The members are public authorities from 15 local communities (3 towns,3 cities and 9 rural communes). One of the key prerequisites for a functional metropolitan territory in the Brasov City region is the easy mobility of people and goods.

This is why, since its beginning in 2006, the BRA has been empowered by the mayors of the member local communities to initiate the necessary measures for the realization of an integrated transport system at metropolitan level, along with other integrated systems such as waste management, interventions during emergency situations, law enforcement, etc.

After the improvement of the legislative framework for mobility in 2010, the BRA’s staff began the long term endeavor of taking over the role of Public Transport Authority, with the task of regulating mobility in the area as well as subcontracting public transport activities to operators. This implies identifying the best legal option for taking over the assigned task, training internal staff,organizing local resources and securing external expertise and resources for the improvement of mobility both for people and freight, transferring and adapting previous experiences and best practices from other similar organizations in order to implement them in the Brasov City region/ the Metropolitan Area.

During this process, the official appointing of the Brasov Metropolitan Agency as Public Transport Authority for the Brasov Metropolitan Area will be realized through a series of local government decisions from the member communities of the Brasov Metropolitan Agency Nowadays, BRA is working on the Brasov Metropolitan Area Development Strategy, and within this framework the future mobility policies at metropolitan level.

An important aspect of this process is to learn from previous experiences and best practices of other similar organizations which already act as functional Public Transport Authorities