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Almada City Council

Almada City Council (ACC)


Almada City Council has adopted the motto Almada+ sustainability, solidarity and eco-efficiency for this current decade. ACC has a long and committed work in awareness-raising for a sustainable urban mobility and providing transport information. Adopted a Local Strategy for Sustainable Mobility based on 4 pillars (planning, infra-structures, technology and public awareness).

Mobility Plan “Accessibilities21” is fully implemented; its main goals were to improve accessibility to and from city center, reduce car traffic, efficiently manage parking, define hierarchy in the urban road network and restructure the PT network to feed trams, trains and boats.

ECALMA EM (ACC Municipal Company of Parking and Circulation) elaborated a new municipal parking regulations. “PACICLA – ACC Cycling Plan” conceived a network of 233 km of cycling routes, focusing on the bicycle as a competitive transport mode for short-distance travel and commuting. Renovation of the Municipal Fleet, as defined in the Local Strategy for Climate Change of ACC, being the first Portuguese Local Authority to purchase hybrid vehicles for City Councilors. Also acquired segways and electric bicycles for park maintenance staff and defined environmental and energy efficiency criteria for purchasing new vehicles, anticipating EURO emissions standards (EURO).

ACC will be a key partner on energy, environmental and eco-efficiency issues and for its experience in the concrete field of transport services planning and management.

ACC was awarded the European Mobility Week Award 2010 for its 10 year continuous commitment to promote alternatives to cars, implement permanent measures for sustainable mobility and highlight the positive impact of green transport on public health. ACC will enrich, via EPTA project, its transport skills and will explore the possibility to create a pole of knowledge on environmental and transport issues.